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Seget Donji

Marina Baotić is the ideal starting point for your sailing trip. The newly constructed Marina offers not only high technical standards but also a variety of facilities and services making your entire journey even more comfortable.


Drvenik Mali i Veliki

To the southwest of Seget Donji, the islands of Drvenik Veliki and Drvenik Mali are popular for their many gravel and sand beaches. Drvenik is a small town with its own harbour, located on the northeastern side of Drvenik Veliki bay. Smaller boats can also anchor in the small Grabule bay, 0.2 sea miles to the southeast. Highly recommended is the scenic beauty of the Krknjaši, located on the eastern side of Drvenik Veliki bay. The clean water shimmering turquoise and the fine sand make this bay one of the most well-known amongst navigators of the Adriatic Sea. On Drvenik Mali, mooring is possible in the southern bay. It is recommended to leave the bay when winds are increasing as it is open to the sea.



The small peninsula is home to one of the most charming towns on the Croatian coast. A promenade circles the entire peninsula, and there are many different gravel beaches to be discovered. The harbour is protected from southeastern and southwestern winds and ideal for anchoring (depth approx. 14-30 metres). The landing stage 400 metres to the north is reserved for the ferry.



Skradin is a town with a small harbour on the left-hand side, upstream, of Krka River. You need to sample the many exceptional specialties of the region such as Skradin Flan or the Skradin Risotto. The latter has been put on the map by the restaurateur Antony Bourdain in his show “No Reservations” awarded an Emmy, in which he expresses his passion for the specialty. The entire urban core of the town is protected cultural heritage. The fact that Bill Gates is a regular visitor to the town speaks for itself. Skradin is also an ideal starting point for visits to Skradin National Park. With its seven waterfalls and an overall fall of 242 metres, it is a natural phenomenon. Krka River on the left-hand bank is particularly shallow. Boats can anchor in Skradin harbour. The waterfalls can only be visited in small boats.



Zlarin is a – as yet – undiscovered treasure. Every year, its pristine nature attracts more and more visitors. The harbour of Zlarn is protected from the Buro and Jugo winds but exposed to winds from the northwest. Large boats can anchor on the landing stages outside of town. Smaller boats can also anchor between the third and fourth landing stages (looking northwards). 



Rogoznica is a warm and quiet Mediterranean town located in the outermost region of Northern Dalmatia. Rogoznica is a popular place to visit as it offers one of the most beautiful and safe harbours of the Adriatic coast. The beaches at Rogoznica are mainly gravel, some are pebble beaches. A variety of bathing beaches in the many small bays is to be discovered. The mooring area for larger boats is located in the eastern part of the bay, while smaller boats also find anchorage in the western part.



Here you will discover romantic bays and an evergreen nature. The interior of the island holds old villages with small alleys and old stone houses. The sea and the island offer ideal conditions for divers, anglers and sailors. Sampling the regional wine, the well-known honey, the liquor and other specialties is a must. The bay, in which Maslinica is situated, is suitable for an extended stay as it is protected from all winds. Small boats may anchor along the landing stage, while the northern part of the stage is reserved for ferries. Good anchorage is also available to the south of the harbour in Šešula bay, which is also protected from all winds.